Chad Ehrhardt


After a decade working in the hospitality industry Chad was ready to explore new challenges. Upon moving from Minneapolis to Las Vegas he found himself pursuing the first phase of his hair education at the Aveda Institute. It was there that he gravitated towards the cutting side of the industry. During his training at Aveda, Chad also assisted stylists doing bridal hair and makeup. After seeing a video on Vidal Sassoon, Chad immediately knew what his next move would be and he purchased a one-way ticket to Chicago. After two and a half years of training at Sassoon he qualified to work on the floor. Following his creative training, his final presentation, seen by an elite group of North American creative directors for Sassoon Salons, earned him a promotion to educator in the academy system. His work as an educator took him to both Santa Monica and Miami. While in Chicago, he continued to hone his skills and refine his craft.

Chad knew it was time for him to find his next opportunity for personal and professional development. Smith and Davis presented as the perfect fit; a cutting edge salon that celebrates the model of precision and artistry embodied by the teachings of Sassoon, while striving to continually nurture the creativity of its team. Chad takes clients at Smith & Davis Tuesday-Saturday.


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